Monday, July 26, 2010

Ebay weirdness

After asking permission I have included our emails...

Dear name not disclosed

Hi I received the skull, thanks alot. I notice you had 2 others. I was wondering if you make them yourself? And if so how you do it? And why you painted it Sydney Swans? Also why the Ned Kelly one? Are you an artist? Can you please tell me your inspiration? I am very curious.



Yes I do make them myself,Sydney Swan one was made because the kids suggested it,Ned, flame and others are made by taking celtic design of and then I engrave them with my design. Ned was made because my old man likes ned the other ones I do are what I feel at the time. The new one is a tattooed rose design which should be finished in about a week. I am not an artist just enjoy making nice things for others to enjoy. Thank you for the questions , hope you enjoy your skull for many years

name not disclosed

I just did a random search for skull because I wanted to model one myself and look what I got.

God bless Ebay.

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