Tuesday, September 17, 2013

heading off

Here are some of my latest ceramics. Playing with the glaze pencil and making molds of fabrics. I am off to Germany, Spain and Prague Thursday the 19th September until 8th October, so I won't be able to fill any orders until after I get back. I have been trying to recover from bronchitis/flu before I fly out, so fingers crossed I won't be that annoying person coughing endlessly on the plane. At least I get to sit down for 24 hours and do nothing, kind of like the last 2 weeks. Anyway I can't wait to catch up with a few friends, eat tapas, drink Spanish wine and look at a few sights. Follow me on Instagram kirstenpp if you wanna see some picks. Oh if you want to vote for my design for a rug competition, you can do so here¡hasta luego

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