Sunday, September 16, 2012

incarnations of Stevie

She took a while to work as I had her sitting on my lounge room floor for some months, never quite happy. There were so many great pics of Stevie and I even tried to leave her face out altogether and put a grid pattern on it. The second one down is meant to be a test of her with a top hat but it almost made my friend Giselle wet her pants laughing, it's so wrong. The dreadlocks and teeth were not working either. Finally a few dashes of the beige, a few broken needles and a very sore thumb and she had arrived, ready to be used a puppet for the video. Thanks so all of those lovely people who made it to the opening on Friday night. A special thanks to Melanie who runs Lowrise Projects. Mel helped me set up and provided some great feedback. It runs for another month and I'll be sitting it a few Saturdays, so please come say hi.Oh and thanks to Philippa for buying the Stevie Rug.

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