Thursday, January 20, 2011

DJ Harvey

I'm way to old to be going out to a club on a new years eve but a sunny Sunday afternoon on a rooftop bar with a small crowd is more my cup of tea. I can sit down if I want. They have fake grass to dance on. I can catch a tram home....ah. My DJ Harvey story starts when I heard his podcast on Beats in Space. HERE Not only does he play kooky beautiful tunes but is also funny and old. He's been around a while I mean. One time when I won a holiday to LA, I had organised a side trip to Cuba but had to cancel the day before because Mexico blocked its borders due to swine flu. Upset that I only had LA on the agenda, I rerouted my flight via Hawaii, partly to see DJ Harvey's club in Honolulu. So after some time on the north coast, I had one night in tacky Waikiki. It was a Wednesday night so I took a bus there to the club and sat there by myself drinking half price cocktails. He was not in town. I overheard someone talking about food and nutrition. I wanted in on the conversation. I got in on the conversation. She happened to be DJ Harvey's wife. It was as close as I was going to get. I caught the bus home, semi satisfied and flew off a few hours later to meet my friend Giselle in LA for our American Idol experience.

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